oona 10

The Windows powered checkout tablet with NFC directly on the screen

oona in Stand extracted

The innovative business solution for every professional enviroment

Enterprise durability & longevity

for professional use in every business enviroment

Maximum flexibility

for every application - in- or outdoors, built-in or mobile

Frictionless payment & checkout

by front-facing NFC for payment directly on the screen


Enterprise durability and ruggedization

All oona devices are water and dust resistant, drop rated to 1.2 meters (1.8 meters with rugged frames), have an extended operating temperature rated from -20 °C to +50 °C, cameras front and rear, high-brightness screen for indoor/outdoor usage, high-capacity battery for long operating times. The oona devices also offer multiple third-party mounting options for a sleek tablet only countertop POS system, as a second customer facing oona payment screen, floor stand for customer self-service ordering, or wall mount for product information and cataloging.



Numerous checkout possibilities

With the ongoing global digitalization at checkout, customer activated payment use cases for oona are numerous: self-pay grocery lanes, quick-serve food checkout, coffee shops, and ticketing venues are realizing the benefits of oona devices with more contactless opportunities coming every day and in the future new solutions for EV charging stations, ticketing and parking kiosks or automated convenience stores may also be addressed with oona smart devices.

Numerous checkout possibilities

Front-facing tap-to-pay reader

oona devices are ready for the latest CPoC and MPoC* standards to accept tap-to-pay payments from any contactless card, mobile wallets on smartphones and smart watches or other contactless payment method. The oona contactless reader is embedded in the front of the devices for consistently accurate reads and faster customer throughput environments like event ticketing, drive-thru lines, high-volume concession stands and other venues where transaction speed is critical.

*Contactless/Mobile Payments on Commercial-of-the-shelf


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